Actor John Carter on In the Midnight Hour

Written by Christopher Lemieux on April 29th, 2016

Hi! This is John Carter blogging as an ensemble member in Kenneth Green’s new musical, In the Midnight Hour. This musical follows the life of Prattville native, Wilson Pickett and his career as a famous singer and songwriter of the 1960’s. It has been a treat researching Wilson Pickett in preparation for rehearsals on Friday. This guy had a huge hand in the development of soul music, beginning slowly with his controversial transition from gospel-group singer to successful secular solo artist, and skyrocketing with the debut of his single ‘In the midnight hour’. This funky R&B single gave Wilson the fame and influence to help legitimize soul music as another form of ‘popular music’ in America. Knowing all this I am beyond excited to start working on this musical!

I have never been a part of a world premiere-reading, at least at such a level as being produced and cultivated by a theater like the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Using so reputable a venue might put pressure on the actors and the creative team to deliver, but all that pressure usually gives rise to a beautiful and dynamic piece of artistic work. I am also encouraged by the actors who will be joining me in this endeavor. All of them have made careers for themselves as actors exclusively, which is a major goal of mine as I come upon the tail-end of my internship at ASF. I hope to learn a lot from the actors in this new musical. They have all walked miles in my shoes at some point in their career, and I only hope for the chance to take a step in theirs.