Lilly Going Lovesick!

Written by Christopher Lemieux on May 1st, 2016

Hello readers!

Lilly here again. I’m on my break (we had Midsummer in the morning and also Comedy of Errors later tonight) so I’m using this time to re read Lovesick along with the YSWP plays (the young southern writer’s project). If you haven’t seen the YSWP yet, you should check it out this year. A few days ago, the intern acting company got a chance to see the ceremony for next year’s YSWP winners and it was really lovely. James Bowen, who you probably recognize as Hoke from Driving Miss Daisy, gave a beautiful speech about creativity and how important it is to foster the creative spirit in young artists. The next day, our director of Lovesick, Nancy Rominger, forwarded us all an email from one of the parents, who had mentioned how special it is for these young artists to be recognized in a region that typically gives most of the recognition to its athletes. So, if you have the chance to come out and support your community’s next generation of artists, we’d love to see you there!

Anyway, back to Lovesick. I’m researching something right now…and I just realized that if I tell you precisely what it is that I’m researching, that’ll give away a vital plot point and spoil the ending. So I won’t do that! But I can tell you that I haven’t stopped reading the play since I got the script in order to get more familiar with it and hopefully get some more ideas for the reading. So far there haven’t been any major revisions yet but I was just told that we’ll be receiving another revision shortly! In other news, Chris and I are trying to get Alice and Jackson to play a competitive RPG board game with us, which will make rehearsal great or terrible depending on who turns traitor…

That’s all for now! Got to go do Comedy!

Talk to you soon,