Noelia on the First Couple of Rehearsals of In the Midnight Hour

Written by Christopher Lemieux on May 1st, 2016

This is Noelia, the PA & reader, writing in again from IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR, this time from the rehearsal room! It’s our first day of rehearsal today, and it’s been a blast so far. We got a brand new script to start the day off, did our introductions, and then started with a read-through. Then we took a quick break, did a few script changes on the fly, and now the cast is starting to go through music- and boy, does it sound good!

The cast includes a few ASF return-ees: we’ve got Eric Summers, who was most recently in Ain’t Misbehavin’, directed by James Bowen (who incidentally is also directing this play), playing Garrett Brooks and is in the ensemble. Also cast is ASF favorite, Brik Berkes (currently playing Bottom in Midsummer, Chester Pike in White Lightning, and Boolie in Daisy), who is playing Charles Goldstein, the reviewer who has slandered Wilson Pickett’s name, and is his main adversary in this play. Also cast in the production are acting interns John Carter and Michael Quattrone, and new-to-ASF actors Kenney Green and Jessie Hooker.

It’s so cool to be in the room where it happens (did you catch the Hamilton reference, theatre fans?): the writer (the amazing Kenneth Green) and director are sitting in one corner of the room, going over possible script edits, while the cast is in the other corner of the room learning music with our music director (the incredible Joel Jones). The room feels alive and vibrant and I’m so excited to see this musical progress over the next ten days!