The Sound of Wilson Pickett

Written by Christopher Lemieux on May 2nd, 2016

Saturday marked our second rehearsal for In the Midnight Hour and, for me being a big fan of music, especially American roots, learning about the history of Wilson Pickett has been very exciting.

Wilson Pickett was born in Prattville, Alabama where he was heavily influenced by Gospel and his religious upbringing. Soul and R&B are intrinsic in Southern culture and soon Wilson incorporated this sound in his first recordings. He began writing and recording in Muscle Shoals, Alabama where he was around and collaborating with major artists such as Aretha Franklin, Duane Allman and many others. Eventually Pickett made his way further north to Memphis where he cut his hit track “In the Midnight Hour” with the help of Jerry Wexler at Stax Records.

Capturing this sound, its origins, and its meaning is vital to the creative team and everyone is working hard to make it right. It is an excellent opportunity for audiences to learn about, but especially hear and feel, Wilson Pickett’s influence in music history.