Interview with Actor Bjorn Thorstad from Starstruck

Written by Christopher Lemieux on May 2nd, 2016

Today, we sit down with actor Bjorn Thorstad, who plays Teddy in Starstruck.

1.What previous plays have you worked on for SWP?

I worked on Lucille’s play Sorrento with Jonathan and Michelle two seasons ago where we all met for the first time.

2.What excites you about this play?

What excites me most about working on Lucille’s latest Project is getting the band back together.

3.What is your favorite part about developing new work?

My favorite part about developing new work is the opportunity to put your stamp on it, working closely enough with the writer that your personal DNA becomes indelibly incorporated into the character and parts of you and/or your performance become immortalized, or the golden standard.

4.How do you dive into a character that no one has every played before?

I dive into every character the same way, be it new work or a classic: I pay all my attention to the clues and cues in the material and let it go to town on me.