Chris Lemieux on Beginning Lovesick

Written by Christopher Lemieux on May 2nd, 2016

Chris from the Lovesick team here! I just had a chance to read over Lovesick again. We got a new edit of the script on April 28th. Just highlighting all of the stage directions because while I am PAing Lovesick, I also have been given the task of being the reader for this production. I have never been a reader before so this will be a very new experience for me. We start rehearsals for all of the SWP shows tomorrow (though In the Midnight Hour has already been hard at work this past weekend). Being a writer myself, one of my passions is creating New Work and I am extremely blessed to have been assigned a play such as Lovesick.

As Lilly and I have been saying over and over this past week, Lovesick is a play you cannot talk too much about without spoiling everything. The amount of layers this piece has is astounding and the ending makes you question everything the characters have been doing or saying. It is a pretty intense piece, but it is super surprising how funny it can be. Looking at the piece from a reader’s perspective, there are a lot of things I will have to take into consideration while reading the stage directions. It is a very physical piece with the actors really inhabiting the space that they are living in. And right from the get go questions are arising as well as the tension and the stakes. The stakes are huge in this piece and I definitely think that will be something the actors and myself will have to constantly keep in our minds as we rehearse this play. As a writer, I am always looking at other people’s work to see how they create characters and situations. It will be a learning experience on all fronts and I am looking forward to getting started tomorrow.

Be seeing you all soon! Let the rehearsals begin! SWP here we come!