Noelia on the Process of In the Midnight Hour So Far

Written by Christopher Lemieux on May 3rd, 2016

This is Noelia again, writing in from the rehearsal room of In The Midnight Hour. Today was the official start of SWP week! Everyone arrived, and the theatre has been positively buzzing with creative energy. We started the day off with a bit of a surprise- a character has been cut, and therefore an actor has had to leave our show. Although it’s sad to see someone go, it is a testament to our playwright that he is really changing things up, and making bold choices in his writing. It’s also a good reminder to me as an artist that art and creativity are ever-changing, and during this week, the goal is to make the plays as clear as possible- and sometimes that means big changes!

But it has been an incredible few days so far- today, we officially welcomed Brik Berkes to the cast (he’s been doing other shows and so hasn’t been able to be in rehearsals until today), and it’s been fun to see the dynamic of the play shift with him in the mix. The cast will be working hard this afternoon to learn the music, and as has become expected, we will be getting a new draft of the script this afternoon! Looking forward to seeing where the next few days take us.