When we think of a beautiful and delicious gift, the most normal thing is that we think about giving chocolates. The reality is that the variety of gourmet gifts is much more extensive.

Making combinations of flavors and smells inside a trunk, a basket or almost any decorated container is an excellent option to give that particular detail. With food you can never look bad, we all love to eat.

Stylish details

These types of gifts are lovely, since whoever receives it enjoys its content and then can take advantage of the packaging to decorate, store things or whatever comes to mind.

Thanks to the versatility of this type of gifts you can make thematic and vary their sizes, you can give from a cup decorated with small chocolates or candies to Christmas baskets with ham, wine, and cheeses.

Another advantage of this type of gift is that it can be prepared in case of not having very clear information about the person to whom you want to give the detail. Customers, suppliers or employees, for example, will be pleasantly flattered, because, in addition, it is a gift that they can share at home.

Choose the right combination

There are many ways to decide how to assemble these gourmet gifts, the important thing is to choose a starting point. To be able to design this type of detail, a focus must be taken, just as when decorating a room, and harmonizing from it.

The most common is that a wine is chosen and sweet and salty combinations are made that accompany its flavor, but there are other starting points if you want to make it a little different.

You can start with the favorite chocolate of the person you give to and create the harmonies for him with cookies, sugar clouds, wines and everything you can think of. You can also start with cheese, in which case you can choose bread, maybe some fruit, some delicatessen and a small combination of spirits.

Another excellent starting point is allergies. Sometimes we meet someone who suffers from a series of food allergies or intolerances. In these cases, making a special basket for them is a gift that usually excites them a lot.

Giving food is giving love

If anyone knows something that is dedicated to cooking, either professionally or as a hobby, it is that food is a way of expressing love. Therefore, a gift made primarily of food is a great way to say you care.

If you want the gift to be even more personal, place chocolates and chocolates made by you. Canned in decorated jars are always an excellent option, besides being very durable. Remember that you can make a single product of the whole gift, it is not mandatory that you cook everything.

These types of gifts are increasingly common due to the ease and versatility they have. In case you decide to send them to do, every day there are more specialized stores that can give you excellent prices and combos, especially when you must give to many people.

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